Company Profile

In 1997, Randall Bell, Founder and President, began the continuing and expanding work of Project Resources. After having more than 24 years of experience, including working with a leading national construction services company, Randall committed to filling a unique need for owners and developers of retail, commercial, multi-family, and industrial projects by creating a company that provided crucial, comprehensive third-party project administration services.

dsc_3378-version-3-copyToday, Project Development Group (PDG), having provided project administration services for over 100 projects throughout the United States, serves as the Owner’s Representative for privately held and institutional clients on both new and rennovated construction projects. Its Project Managers are highly skilled in all phases of development and construction—from initial project due diligence to final budgeting and schedule development—from design and project coordination to project permitting—from bidding and contract negotiation to construction and project close-out. PDG works diligently to produce quality products that distinctly meet the end-user’s need.

“We work to ensure our project goals—being on budget and on schedule—are met. Quality is an essential ingredient to every project’s success and a key component of our mission statement. Our projects must stand the test of time.”