Pre-Development/Entitlement Phase

PDG provides extensive, expert assistance during the pre-development phase of every project. We work closely with the Owner’s team of legal, surveying, and engineering, in addition to the Client’s in-house development team, to assess all of the critical components having the potential to affect the viability of a project. PDG assists in developing the consultants’ scope of work, performs pre-qualification interviews, and provides contract negotiations for consultants, including civil engineers, surveyors, geotechnical engineers, and others.

Services offered in the Pre-Development/Entitlement Phase include:

  • Development of preliminary site layouts, including phasing options
  • Review of zoning code requirements for type and location of the project (parking, elevations, landscaping, etc.)
  • Meeting with local and state governmental agencies
  • Assessment of utility accessibility and related cost for service
  • Preliminary budgeting and master schedule development
  • Assessment of potential off-site constraints, including access points and other possible requirements by local and state governmental agencies
  • Review and assessment of geotechnical and environmental reports
  • Review of build-to-suit or lease tenant requirements that may affect the project’s design and subsequent cost, layout, schedule, etc.

Additional entitlement services are provided on a project-by-project basis.