Budget and Scheduling Coordination

The development and management of a project’s budget and schedule are critical to the success of any project. PDG is experienced in both project budgeting (estimating) and project scheduling for any size and any type project. We believe there is no greater teacher than experience. When we work on a project, we will utilize historical information from past projects as well as rely on information gained from our daily communication with suppliers and contractors.

The initial project proforma is crucial for the Owner, thus, the integrity of the hard cost at the very early stages is essential for a financially successful project. Once bids are obtained and construction begins, PDG works within the Owner’s accounting format to ensure that budgets are updated regularly—in addition to identifying any “anticipated” future cost per activity line item.

PDG is proficient at assisting clients in developing the project’s master schedule, which becomes the road map for the project. The master schedule is a critical component in developing the project’s total cost, in addition to establishing key delivery and opening dates. Throughout the project, the PDG Project Manager will update the project schedule with special emphasis on critical path activities. Often, a project’s critical path may vary as a result of weather problems (in the site work phase especially) and later due to material delivery, or manpower issues. The PDG Project Manager will work with the contractor to minimize any obstructions to the critical path schedule of the project and proceed toward the goal of meeting the established completion dates set by the master schedule.