Site Due Diligence/Site Design Coordination

PDG’s Project Managers have extensive experience in site development on both small and large sites. Several of our project managers are graduate civil engineers with extensive practical experience in site design and site construction. As most Owners/Developers will acknowledge, the site portion of any project has the most inherent risk and can quickly lead to an over-budget, behind-schedule project. PDG works to minimize these risks. 

Services included in the Due Diligence/Site Design Coordination Process include:

  • Ensuring all critical site issues, as determined in the pre-development phase, are carried forward in the design and project planning
  • Analyzing geotechnical reports for completeness and, when necessary, requesting additional testing
  • Determining possible effects of any unsuitable material affecting project cost and schedule (including rock excavation indicated on the geotechnical reports) in order to develop cost-saving, timesaving solutions that effectively reduce the effects of these materials
  • Confirming requirements for off-site road improvements, including signalization changes, are being addressed in the design and also included in the project master budget and schedule
  • Providing drawing reviews during the site design process—with the purpose of providing value engineering recommendations during design rather than after design completion and project pricing
  • Minimizing the use of retaining walls wherever possible
  • Overseeing the civil engineer’s design with a goal of providing a balanced site that does not substantially affect utility and roadway interfaces
  • Coordinating municipal bond requirements
  • Coordinating with the civil engineer and architect to minimize gaps between their designs
  • Confirming that all wet and dry utilities have been addressed in the site design