Capital Crest is a 203-unit Class-A multifamily development located along the high growth corridor of the city of Pooler, northwest of Savannah and one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities. Capital Crest Aerial View_0709 (1)The property resides in a prime suburban location situated just off Pooler Parkway and I-95 and has outstanding proximity to major employment centers, transportation arteries, and retail shopping.

Capital Crest has the most diverse offering of product within its submarket, including select townhome-style architecture with ground floor entries and attached garages, big-house units, and flats. The product type has been built to serve the surrounding area’s demographic by offering premiere rental-style options for individuals and/or families seeking to relocate into the area or an interim location while renovating or moving between single-family homes. With walkable retail and employment centers, Capital Crest is highly sought after.

Capital Crest Street View_0709