Summit Commons is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This Food Lion anchored center opened in 2009 and was the first environmentally friendly (LEED certified) DSC_4857grocery store in South Carolina. More than 50 percent of the materials used to build the site were manufactured within 500 miles of the store’s location, which helped to boost the local economy and reduce energy expended on transportation. The construction materials contained 25 percent recycled content, and 50 percent of the wood was Forest Stewardship Council Certified. A strong waste management plan diverted more than 85 percent of construction waste from landfills through recycling. The use of low-toxicity materials and proactive management plans used throughout construction ensured optimal indoor air quality and enhanced air quality for associates and customers.

Inside the store, high-efficiency lighting dims lights based on natural sunlight, and there is LED lighting in the frozen foodDSC_4907 cases. There are low-flow and sensor-activated water fixtures in restrooms, and the bathroom partitions are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material, such as juice, milk and water bottles. Customers receive environmental education via kiosks and signage throughout the store. Outside the store, native plant species that minimize irrigation requirements have been used in landscaping.

Summit Commons is located behind The Summit, a 2,100-home development, at the intersection of Hardscrabble Road and Summit Parkway. This Food Lion anchored center has 16,410 square feet of retail shops.